292101. Captain of the Dockyard's House 19th century. He was a shipwright apprentice at Flathouse Apprentice Training Centre with about 30 others. In addition, the Medway had begun to silt up, making navigation more difficult (especially as the Navy's ships were getting larger). Cashiers' Office 18th century. research. dailyinfo[28]=' 76274 Corporal Horace John Baker WHITTINGHAM 1st Bn. [20], View down the length of the former No 7 Dock towards No 1 Basin (now Chatham Marina), Remains of No 8 Machine Shop with No 1 Boiler Shop behind it, Dock pumping station (its 80ft chimney, formerly on the plinth to the right, has been removed), The Commissioner of Chatham Dockyard held a seat and a vote on the Navy Board in London. Twelve houses built for senior officers in the Dockyard. [11] The first ship to be built at the dockyard, a 10-gun pinnace named HMS Merlin (or Merlyon), was launched in 1579. [41] The Georgian site is now a visitor attraction under the care of the Trust: Chatham Historic Dockyard. [20] Much of the excavation and building work had been done by convict labour (a convict prison having been built to the north of the dockyard, with the expansion project in mind, in 1853). I later transfer to The Foundry and on it's closure I was sent to the training school in Kyber Road to train as a Engine Fitter. The senior officer was now a serving sea officer the superintendent, admiral or captain-superintendent who was often also the port admiral, or flag officer. Their website gives further information about the type of records they hold and how to search them. dailyinfo[7]=' 467436 Corporal Alexander CAMERON Military Medal 29th Bn. )[119], A plan of 1704 shows (from north to south) a long Storehouse parallel to the river, the Storekeeper's house (the Storekeeper was the senior officer of the Yard) and a pair of Carriage Stores. For records of workers from the last 100 years you should start your search at one of the dockyard historical trusts or societies or at a local county or metropolitan archive. [39] Redundancy notices were served, but then abruptly withdrawn following the 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands; the dockyard was heavily involved in preparing ships for the South Atlantic, and in repairing damaged vessels on their return. For England this will usually mean one ofthe following six Royal Navy dockyards (the years in brackets are opening and closing dates): For details of more Royal Navy dockyards, both in the UK and overseas, see the Appendix. Chatham Dockyard and its Defences is an outstanding example of a complete industrial military complex from the heyday of the age of sail (1700 - 1820) and the early period of the age of steam (1820- 1865). Apprentices and masters. Click on the series references in the table below to browse the record descriptions by year ranges: Visit the National Maritime museum Caird Library website for other sources. 93rd Infantry Bde. The development is called "Chatham Waters". Do you have an LGBTQ+ story or experience linked to the Dockyard, the Navy or the Medway Towns that you feel comfortable sharing with us? Read more: All the latest news from Medway. I am 82 years of age and was a Naval Shipwright Apprentice (Dockyard number 21413) in Chatham Dockyard from 1941 until 1945. HMS Bee, launched at Chatham in 1842, was an experimental vessel fitted with both paddles and a propeller, each of which could be driven independently from the same engine for comparison. Canadian Infantry who died 07/05/1917 VIMY MEMORIAL France ' It really did feel like one big family with a happy atmosphere. Regards Roger Haffenden. He first started his apprenticeship when he was sent to the ropery on his first day by accident. Terry Hoare at home in 1963 during his apprenticeship at Chatham Dockyard. Today the range of buildings and structures . [20], No 1 Basin was officially opened in 1871, with HMS Invincible being brought into No 5 Dock for repairs, with great ceremony. The barracks for other ranks were arranged in three rows, west of the parade ground, with soldiers sleeping sixteen to a room in eight double beds, as was standard practice at that time. [120], After the demise of the Board of Ordnance (1855), Ordnance Yards passed under the control of the War Office, and were eventually (in 1891) apportioned to either the Army or the Navy. The dockyard closed in the 1980s and is now a museum. We'd like to use additional cookies to remember your settings and understand how you use our services. Extended in connection with preparations for HMS, No 1 Machine Shop 1861. [119], Chatham Infantry Barracks was opened in 1757 to house troops manning the fortifications which had recently been built to defend the Dockyard. The White Yarn House to store the yarn before it was tarred to prevent rot. Chatham's establishment as a naval dockyard was precipitated by the use of the Medway as a safe anchorage by the ships of what became (under King Henry VIII) England's permanent Royal Navy. ). The Pay Office was moved here in 1750 from Hill House. dailyinfo[30]=' 35346 Private Stuart Bathurst Scott COATES 13th Bn. [8], 1567 is generally seen as the date of Chatham's establishment as a Royal Naval Dockyard. dailyinfo[19]=' Second Lieutenant Robert Charles Middleton HARPER General List who died 19/04/1917 JERUSALEM MEMORIAL Israel and Palestine (including Gaza) ' He spent two years learning basic skills before going on "float" learning his trade of welding, machine fitting and repairs on board ships based in the basins and dry docks. The barracks remained in military use until 2014. However, it was not unusual for officers to move between the the Navy Board and the Board of Admiralty over the course of their career. Something that really sets our city apart is our historic dockyard and the thousands of amazing and hard-working people that have worked there over the years, each contributing to the largest naval base in Western Europe in different ways. [30] Work on the other docks and basins followed, with No 3 Basin finally being completed in 1883. Plymouth Argyle legend Paul Wotton leads Truro City to promotion, Finley Craske, a loan signing from Argyle, was part of the Truro team which won the Southern League Premier South Play-Off Final, Former winery transformed into idyllic 'private' and 'peaceful' family home, The property has sufficient space to create the 'ideal pony paddock', Doctor warns of nine symptoms of 'silent killer' that women shouldn't ignore, Ovarian cancer is often called a 'silent killer' because warning signs often don't become apparent until the disease is advanced, Peek inside Plymouth's 'secret' tennis club as it opens up for new members, The Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club has grass courts, gardens, allotments and, Affordable homes to tackle housing crisis to built on former youth club site. Each member of the group was a recorder in the dockyard around fifty years ago, with some joining as young apprentices. The Trust is preparing an application for the Dockyard and its Defences to become a World Heritage Site. The group has met regularly over the years celebrating their time at Chatham together. Camaraderie and companionship was important to all Dockyard employees, the boys say. Div Royal Marine Light Infantry who died 05/05/1915 HELLES MEMORIAL Turkey (including Gallipoli) ' dailyinfo[18]=' J/71444 Ordinary Seaman John Dolby DIAPER H.M.S. Use our catalogue to search within the records series listed below. In 1782, an, 18701892 A number of forts built at a greater distance from the dockyard: Forts, Resident Commissioner, Cadiz Yard, (1694), This page was last edited on 18 March 2023, at 23:48. In almost all cases you can only search by yard or ships name, not by a persons names. Apprenticeships in HM Royal Naval Dockyard, Chatham. [24] Among other things, the use of iron in ship construction enabled larger vessels to be built, and between 1836 and 1851 Chatham gained five new covered slipways, much larger in scale than the ones they replaced. who died 04/05/1917 AUCKLAND PROVINCIAL MEMORIAL New Zealand ' ), The final boats constructed in Chatham were Oberon-class submarines Ocelot was the last vessel built for the Royal Navy, and the final vessel was Okanagan built for the Royal Canadian Navy and launched on 17 September 1966. In 1550, a decree was issued to the Lord High Admiral that: all the Kinges shippes should be harborowed in Jillyngham Water saving only those that be at Portsmouth[5], Even prior to this, there is evidence of certain shore facilities being established in the vicinity for the benefit of the King's ships at anchor: there are isolated references from as early as 1509 to the hiring of a storehouse nearby[6] and from 1547 this becomes a fixed item in the Treasurer's annual accounts. (The covering of Chatham's slipways and dry docks, to protect the woodwork of ships as they were built or repaired, had begun with No 2 Slip and No 1 Dock in 1817). Honourable Artillery Company who died 29/04/1917 ARRAS MEMORIAL France ' And if you had any personal issues there was always somebody there to support you. Bob recalls: In the second year we were given the job of building the Dockyard entry for the 1965 Southsea Carnival which was based on the old woman who lived in a shoe.. At the same time, the nearby village of Brompton began to be developed to provide housing for the dockyard's growing workforce. The indenture was a contract signed by the apprentice, the parent / guardian and the Admirality on satisfactory completion of a 3 month probation period. This website and its associated newspaper are members of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Most significantly, Chatham's first dry dock was opened in 1581 (for repairing naval galleys). But he's having a problem tracking down the class from 1960 when 13 of them embarked on a five-year course, which for many of them moulded their lives in years to come. The Historic Dockyard Chatham: Views of a former apprentice 45 years on ! By 1619, the new dockyard consisted of a new dry dock and wharf with storehouses, all enclosed within a brick perimeter wall. All of these Apprentices are bound to Masters whose names and trades are also included. This is a story of the creation of the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and its history, from Elizabethan origins to fleet base and shipbuilding yard . Those for the officers were placed in a single row on elevated ground to the east, accessed from the parade ground by way of a double ramp; they provided housing for two field officers, twelve captains and thirty-seven subalterns. Some Great War periods covered in these newly-transcribed records: https://thedockyard.co.uk/the-collections/ledgers/. Brian said: "Chatham was more strict, you'd have to do your tie up and you couldn't roll up your sleeves.". (Hill House would serve as the dockyard's Pay Office for the next 180 years; the Royal Marine Barracks were later built on its site). dailyinfo[10]=' 837119 Gunner Alexander BROOKS Military Medal "A" Bty. Welsh Regiment who died 30/04/1916 MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY France ' The senior officers of a victualling yard were: The victualling yards reported to a Victualling Board, which in turn reported to the Navy Board. 17781783 Further improvements were carried out, to the designs of Captain Hugh Debbeig at the bequest of General Amherst. dailyinfo[4]=' 13/927 Trooper James Werner MAGNUSSON Albert Medal Auckland Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. The storehouse would have furnished ships with such necessary consumables as rope, pulleys, sailcloth and timber. It was envisaged that Basin No 1 would serve as a "repair basin", No 2 as the "factory basin" and No 3 as the "fitting-out" basin; a newly launched ship could therefore enter via the west lock, have any defects remedied in the first basin, have her steam engines and heavy machinery installed in the second, and then be finished, and loaded with coal and provisions, in the third before leaving via the east locks. Brian Clarke, Gillingham. In the interwar years, eight S-class submarines as well as X1 were built at Chatham but this was a period of decline. Hoo resident Terry Hoard is looking for Chatham Dockyard friends from the 1960s. When the . [20], In 1897 a new, even longer dry dock was opened on the north side of No 1 Basin: at its opening, this (No 9 Dock) was the largest in the world at 650ft (200m) long by 84ft (26m) wide. var year=mydate.getYear() Elgar Curling, who was 16 at the time, said: We all still get on a like house on fire. Welsh Regiment who died 31/03/1918 KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY Greece ' Although the yard focused mainly on refitting and repairs, some shipbuilding continued to take place. Now at the age of 77, there's nothing he'd like more than to meet up with the lads whom he forged a close bond with as teenagers to talk about old times. Initial enquires are responded to within 28 days. [1] The painting, now in the National Maritime Museum, provides a detailed illustration of the yard as it was in the Age of Sail; many of the buildings and structures illustrated survive: William Camden (15511623) described Chatham dockyard as, stored for the finest fleet the sun ever beheld, and ready at a minutes warning, built lately by our most gracious sovereign Elizabeth at great expense for the security of her subjects and the terror of her enemies, with a fort on the shore for its defence.[2]. Many homes have views of the River Medway. Nicholas, South Africa, last updated: 26/03/2009 at 15:36created: 26/03/2009. Maritime history records held by other archives. I spent a couple of nights in the dormitory blocks, before joining Diamond and had a lot of laughs. If you have a specific enquiry relating to an object in our collections and cannot find the information you need online, please contact collections@chdt.org.uk. We were one large family. The escalating Anglo-Dutch wars forced their hand, however: several temporary buildings were hastily erected in Sheerness, at the mouth of the Medway, to enable ships to re-arm, re-victual and (if necessary) be repaired as quickly as possible. asked the Secretary of State for Defence what is the number of apprentices that entered Chatham Dockyard in each of the years 1974 to 1977; and what is the projected number for 1978 (a) as craft entries and (b) as technician entries. I spent a couple of nights in the dormitory blocks, before joining Diamond and had a lot of laughs. Captain Sir Thomas Bourchier, 20 September 1846 5 May 1849, Rear-Admiral A.L. This website and its associated newspaper are members of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The largest groups were the fitters and turners and the electricians followed by the shipwrights. They went to work the day after the new rule, with 'no shirt and no vest'. Also, after a reunion in 1993 at Gravesend Rowing Club, Terry said the whereabouts of two of the attendees, John Doggett and Ted Leftley, is now unknown. If you have memories of Chatham in the Dockyard's heyday then tell us your stories. He was Collingwood Battalion RND. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. When Royal Dockyard Chatham closed in 1984 the Ministry of Defence removed all records still held on site. Pembroke Royal Navy who died 18/04/1918 GILLINGHAM (WOODLANDS) CEMETERY, KENT United Kingdom ' Royal Welsh Fusiliers who died 23/04/1918 WARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION France ' The records do not cover every yard in every year. The attached document lists all Apprentices connected to the towns of Chatham and Rochester, the majority worked in the Chatham Dockyard between 1710 and 1811. Alongside the four dry docks it now had a total of six shipbuilding slips (equalling Deptford and outnumbering the other yards in this regard), albeit three of the six were under 150ft (46m) in length and suitable only for building smaller warships. dailyinfo[27]=' Flight Sub-Lieutenant Andrew John BODDY H.M.S. ), electric & acetylene welding and the Blacksmiths shop.In travelling along Dock Road my memories go back to the check-in booths where we were checked against our photo and a recent trip along Luton Road recalled the many hours spent at the Dockyard Apprentices Club.At one stage in my Naval career, I served as a Shipwright Training Instructor at H.M.S Caledonia at Rosyth in Scotland where the Naval Shipwright training was subsequently transferred I have many more memories, too many to relate here but I hope these will be sufficient to remind others reading this of happy times spent in the Dockyard. Undoubtedly there are countless memories and stories from the dockyard, particularly 'the bygone era' of the 1950s and 1960s, when times were very different, but many of them don't get recorded or spoken about. One barrack block remains from 1757; the rest was largely demolished and rebuilt to a more modern design in the 1930s50s. that I have asked my family to see that my ashes are scattered on the Medway besides the Dockyard,using a trip on the Paddlesteamer-"Kingswear Castle" to carry out this task. Saw HMS Jamaica of Bismarck fame and I believe we saw HMS Manxman too in which a friend's uncle had served during WW2. - Nicola, Chatham, "I entered the Dockyard on the 5th May 1967 as a Pattern Maker Apprentice. [131], During the Napoleonic Wars large numbers of troops were concentrated at Chatham Lines to counter the threat of a French invasion. We are currently exploring alternative, hidden histories within our collection and looking at broadening the range of voices we represent. Do you visit the Dockyard now? In the years of peace after 1815 Chatham continued to serve as a major embarkation port for troops serving overseas. My son got good qualifications and worked in Formula 1 racing. Some dockyards have changed their name so you may need to search using the alternative names or the dockyard locations provided in above and in the appendix (you can also browse seriesADM 42 to get an idea of what dockyards are covered by the records). [28] In 1860 the dockyard's policing was also transferred to the new No.4 Division of the Metropolitan Police, which remained in that role until 1932. [25] For the time being, however, marine steam engines were not manufactured on site but were ordered from Thames-based private contractors (along with other associated equipment). dailyinfo[11]=' Reservist Paul GROLIK 5./I.R.62 German Army who died 11/05/1917 EBBLINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY France ' It was a very sad day for me when the Dockyard closed but I still have many fond memories of my time spent as a Dockyard Matey. "Ted was living in the Maidstone area at the time and I know he joined the fire service after leaving the dockyard.". The majority of its buildings are still standing, several of them occupied by the Universities at Medway. As some victualling yards also changed their names, you may need to search foralternative names: Click on the links below to search for a yard namewithin series: Gun wharves, where ships guns were stored, were the responsibility of the Ordnance Board. Constructed from timber recycled from warships probably from the. All these developments were to come together with the construction of HMS Achilles, in a newly expanded No 2 Dock, between 1860 and 1864: the first true iron-hulled battleship to be launched in a royal dockyard. Our Education Directory has everything you could possibly need! Wed Apr 8 12:02:25 2009. The annual intake was usually restricted to ten applicants and we were required to attend the Dockyard School for three years and pay a weekly visit to the Royal Navy Barracks gym and swimming pool for training sessions by naval personnel.Our apprenticeship covered many departments including the Boat House, Mast House, Drawing Office, Joiners Shop, Paint Shop, Plumbing, Ship Repairs (rivetting, caulking etc. Visit Veterans UK to find out how to request a summary of a service record. It has several themed areas with traditional maritime buildings, a fishing (though in looks only) village with its multi-coloured houses and a modern energy-efficient concept. At the same time, it was made clear that at Chatham "the dockyard will be retained; but the barracks and other naval establishments will be closed". He says the dockyard here was a lot more relaxed than in Chatham. St Marys Island was just waste land, marsh, nothing, now look at it, he said. document.write; South Staffordshire Regiment who died 01/05/1920 KRANJI MILITARY CEMETERY Singapore ' These were built to a standard design with bays 45 by 20 feet (13.7 by 6.1m). [27] It was partly to address this problem that the Admiralty undertook a huge building programme at Chatham, between 1862 and 1865, which quadrupled the size of the yard and provided specialist facilities for steam-powered ships with metal hulls. Productions that have chosen to film at Chatham Dockyard include: Les Misrables,[49] Call the Midwife,[50] Mr Selfridge,[51] Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,[52] Oliver Twist,[53] The World Is Not Enough [54] and Grantchester. Over 414 years Chatham Royal Dockyard provided more than 500 ships for the Royal Navy, and was at the forefront of shipbuilding, industrial and architectural technology. He was Petty Officer Evan Thomas Ellis MZ205. The dates shown represent the tax paid by the Masters for their Apprentices. He knows some have passed away but apart from his mate, Trevor Woodhouse, he is having difficulty in tracing some of them. Designed by Edward Holl, it has a gallery supported on cast iron columns, one of the first uses of cast iron in the dockyard. The grandfather-of-three said: Apart from working together, we used to go out to nightclubs together where most of us met our partners.. There was an annual intake of some 300 boys between 15 and 16 years old in two intakes September and January. They were the good old days,but,it is still a wonderful place to go and visit, I go often. Tank Corps who died 28/04/1918 MARISSEL FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY France ' See our research guides on Royal Navy ratings and Royal Navy warrant officers for more information. His picture shows most of the apprentices in his year along with a few from other trades who helped build the float. A lot of the 'boys' worked in the dockyard for over thirty years, from the 50s to 80s, but still remember their times fondly, as if they were last week. Ten new community-led, affordable homes for local people. It was somewhat unfortunate that, on the one occasion when it was required for actionthe Raid on the Medway, 1667the Dutch fleet were able to sail right past it to attack the English fleet and carry off the pride of the fleet, HMS Royal Charles, back to the Netherlands. Chatham Dockyard ledgers: employees, apprentices, etc . [124], During the wars with Spain it was usual for ships to anchor at Chatham in reserve; consequently John Hawkins threw a massive chain across the River Medway for extra defence in 1585. A good many were engaged in manning the defences, but some had other duties; others were accommodated there for convenience prior to embarking on ships for duties overseas, or following their disembarkation. I was going to leave that bit about Trafalgar out, but their Town Mayor, whose English was better than my French, picked it up and told them anyway.Wed Apr 8 12:02:25 2009, Ron EdwardsI am 82 years of age and was a Naval Shipwright Apprentice (Dockyard number 21413) in Chatham Dockyard from 1941 until 1945. Our Collections Team has recently begun the process of digitising our collection and we are gradually adding new objects to our digital resources. It really did feel like one big family with a happy atmosphere. When young Robert started there in 1958, the docks employed 6000 people on a two-mile long site encompassing hundreds of workshops, offices and storehouses as well as its own police . [10], The renowned Tudor shipwright Mathew Baker was appointed to Chatham in 1572 (though he was primarily based at Deptford). The decision established Chatham as the country's premier naval industrial complex; nevertheless, concerns were already being raised over its river being prone to silting. Did you or your family, work there on the ships? Along the southern edge of No 1 Basin four new dry docks were built (Nos 58), each 420ft (130m) long. Apprenticeship Model Contract Form (0.22 MB) Application invited for "Empanelment of Third Party Agencies under the Apprentices Act, 1961" (0.34 MB) Programme for 106th AITT of Apprentices to be held in November, 2017- regarding (0.14 MB) NAPS Amended Guidelines (3.49 MB) At around the same time a large house was leased (the Hill House) for administrative purposes including meetings of the Council of Marine Causes. Discover some of the amazing objects found at the Dockyard. For Joe, being in the dockyard was tradition. [33], Nevertheless, Light cruisers and other smaller vessels continued to be built at Chatham during the first half of the 20th century. [9] In the years that followed the ground was prepared, accommodation was secured and in 1570 a mast pond was installed. [10], From the very start of the 18th century, however, Chatham began to be superseded in both size and importance, first by Portsmouth, then Plymouth, when the main naval enemy became France, and the Western approaches the chief theatre of operations. [143], Media related to Chatham Dockyard at Wikimedia Commons. At the time the order was given the vessel was entirely unrigged; yet the masts were raised, sails bent, anchors and cables on board, in that time.[3]. 'The apprenticeship at Chatham Dockyard is the finest in the world - if you stick to it, the world's your oyster' Robert Smith's dad told his teenage son. Junior Apprentices The Dockyard School between the Wars Apprentices in Wartime Introduction of Group Training of Apprentices Whitworth .
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